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On August 15, 2023 we will go live with minting The Chorizo Chronicles NFT Collection! There are 10,000 NFTs in total, all with different rarity characteristics. We even have 10 Legendaries that are 100% unique.

The lucky ones that mint a Legendary NFT get a 1,000 USDT price as a bonus!.

All buyers that mint an NFT through your unique link will receive a 25% discount. Normal price is 0.05 ETH. Their special price will be 0.0375 ETH only!

You as an influencer will be paid 10 USDT for every sale that comes from your followers. No limits!

Order your affiliate code with your name, email address and wallet below, and you will receive a Unique Affiliate URL instantly at the order completion area and via email. You can use it to promote the NFT launch to your followers.

Below you see the available affiliate codes. YOU CAN ORDER ONE CODE ONLY. If you order multiple codes, all of your affiliate links will be deactivated.

It doesn’t matter which one you order, as long as you order only one code.


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